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Why do you need a store online by Comertis?

Tienda online garantías
More guarantees of success

Statistically personalized online stores have higher sales figures

Tienda online posicionamiento
Better positioning

Optimized for search engines (SEO) and especially for your commercial sector

Tienda virtual funcionalidades
More functionalities

With many standard online sales features that do not exist on other platforms

Tienda online propiedad

Any functionality is possible since our technology allows customizing it

Tienda online código libre
Always updated

You'll always have security updates, as of the source code included

Tienda virtual autogestionable

You can manage the store yourself from a complete administration panel


Comertis gives you more


B2C Marketing

  • Campaigns: Banners, sliders, videos, landings...

  • Segmentation by language, by country, by client, by IP...

  • Differentiated navigation depending on the business

  • Created sale: related products, packs...

  • Favorites, news, filters, powerful search engine...

  • Blog, FAQs, newsletter, mailchimp (or others)...

  • Tracking: Analytics, Tag manager...
B2B logic

B2C logic

  • Permanent, temporary offers, per client

  • Discounts by volume, by category, by date

  • Multiple rates per product or per customer

  • Easy buyback of previous orders

  • Quick order using an excel sheet

  • Customizable or custom products

  • Products visible or not according to area or client
Gestión B2B

B2C management

  • Possible private access (only who you decide)

  • PDF catalogs segmented by categories (with PDF viewer)

  • Download documents: delivery notes, orders, invoices...

  • Different types of orders: reservations, budgets, proformas...

  • Real-time stock check

  • Transport budget in real time

  • Formulario de consulta segmentado por departamentos
Logística B2B

B2C Logistic

  • Multi language, Multi taxes, multi currency

  • Automatic update of change between currencies

  • Stock, prices, orders, synchronized with your ERP in real time

  • Different payment methods by area, by customer...

  • Different shipping methods by area, by customer...

  • Transport prices by weight or volume of the order

  • Click&collect, collection in several stores (geolocated)

The functionalities of the online store can be segmented by country, language or customer


Stages of creating an online store


Budget, study and intervention proposal

·Preparation and approval of the budget
· Collection of information about the project
· Study and intervention proposal (design and functionalities)


Development and implementation stage of the online store

· We program all the functionalities
· We implement the design in the source code
· We apply the marketing and functionalities that the online store will have


Testing, training and opening of the online store (transition to production)

· We check that everything works well and we give you access to the management tool
· We train you in store management
· You will always have support, and if you want, we can team up with a Dynamization Plan

Frequent questions

Our guarantees

Tienda online garantía ilimitada
Unlimited warranty

Indefinite time guarantee if you do the hosting and maintenance of the online store with us.

Tienda online con autonomía
If you decide to change providers, we can unlink your online store from our servers, and you can take it with you.

Tienda online confidencial
We take care of personal, commercial, economic and statistical data related to your business.

Tienda online atención continuada
Ongoing care
We do not close for holidays. You will have means of contact for incidents, with an agile and personalized treatment.

Tienda online segura
The project will comply with current legislation and our servers will keep it in a safe environment.

Tienda online legal

All the material provided is your own or complies with the copyright of its legitimate owners

Why Comertis

Comertis 20 years

Over 20 years in the sector

Comertis ecommerce

More than 300 ecommerce projects carried out

Comertis personalized suport

Personalized support

Comertis security amd confidentiality

Security and confidentiality


For us it is a pleasant surprise to discover how our clients can increase their business volume with our collaboration, in addition to reducing management costs.

E-commerce for sale to the final customer is already a mature sector, but e-commerce between companies still has a long way to go.

Ramon Roca

CEO of Comertis

Comertis - Ramon Roca
Ecomerce de Jugar i jugar


Jugarijugar ecommerce

Online store selling toys for individuals and schools.

Play i play, puts at your disposal a very wide catalog of wooden toys, sale of educational toys, store of educational toys, purchase of Montessori Material, Waldorf Toys, Pikler and Hengstenberg Material, etc.


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