Corporate password manager

Software that keeps your users and passwords protected. One-time payment for installation, without subscriptions and with all functionalities

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Comertis password manager

Who is our Password Manager aimed at

Companies that need their own user and password manager, installed on their own servers, professional and secure, without depending on external platforms, with different levels of access for an unlimited number of people

Main advantages of the password manager

Secure password manager

AES-256 high-level encryption

Handy password manager

Forget memorizing passwords

Affordable password manager

No fees or subscriptions

Unlimited password manager

Unlimited number of users and passwords

Accessible password manager

From any device (PC, tablet, mobile)

Customizable password manager

Open source software, easily customizable

Self-installing password manager

Installed on any server

Legal password manager

Complies with the Data Protection Law (RGPD)

Security throughout the whole process

Your passwords will be safe throughout all the steps of their management

Encrypted session cookies
Encrypted session cookies

The session cookies of the user's computer are kept encrypted, thus preventing an intruder from decrypting them

Access always via HTTPS
Always access via HTTPS

The data travels encrypted from your computer to the password manager's server, preventing it from being read if it is intercepted

encrypted database
Encrypted database data

All passwords are stored encrypted in the Password manager database, thus preventing an intruder on the server from reading them

Password manager features

All the features that a professional password manager needs

Account creation (user access and passwords)

  • Multiple possible forms of cataloging, facilitating your search

  • Save passwords by name

  • Save passwords by customer

  • Save passwords by category

  • Save passwords by annotations

  • Save passwords with labels

Cataloging of passwords

Ability for the password manager to generate a random password

Generate random password

Ability to configure the complexity of randomly generated passwords

Random password complexity

Linking between different accounts for cross-access with more than one user

Link between passwords

Log of all changes that are made to all passwords

Log of password changes

Option to save passwords as an image, not being able to be copied to the clipboard

Save password as image

Share access to a password with other users of the platform by sending a link

Share user password with link

Share a password with people outside the application by sending a link that can only be visited once and expires in a specified time

Share password external users

  • Assigning permissions to each password:

  • Password access per user

  • Password access by user group

  • Password access with or without editing (reading only)

  • Private or public passwords (for all users of the platform)

Different access to passwords

Attach files to passwords (digital certificates))

Attach files to passwords

Ability to assign expiration date to passwords

Passwords with expiration date
Password finder

password finder

Search for users and passwords by keyword

Filter passwords by keyword

Filter passwords by customer

Password filter by client

Filter passwords by category

Filter passwords by category

Favorite password filter

Favorite password filter

Filter passwords by label

Filter passwords by label
  • Plus:

  • Filter passwords that a specific user has access

  • Filter passwords where a specific user is owner

  • Filter passwords that a specific group has access to

  • Filter passwords by attachment name

  • Filter expired passwords

Quick edit box for passwords

Quick password editing

  • Characteristics:

  • See which users or groups have access

  • Bookmark the password

  • View the password notes

  • Copy password to clipboard with one click

  • See username and password

  • Quick access to edit, duplicate and delete

View password users
Mass password update

Option to massively modify accounts, users and passwords

  • STEP 1. Filter by:

  • Free multi-selection. List all accounts and select the ones that interest us

  • Keyword

  • Combined keywords (and / or))

  • By customer

  • Accounts to which a specific user has access to

  • Accounts to which a specific user has access to

  • Accounts owned by a specific user

  • Accounts to which a specific group has access to

  • Name of the file attached to the account

  • Accounts with expired password

  • STEP 2. Modify the selected accounts in one click:

  • Change client

  • Change category

  • Change owner

  • Change group

  • Assign or remove tags

  • Assign or remove permissions to users

  • Assign or remove permissions to groups

  • New password expiration date

  • Delete change history

Mass password update
Notification system between platform users

When a user does not have access to an account, he can see the account data except the private data (username and password) and thus can request access to the owner

Notifications between users

The owner of the account will receive a notification (it's possible that they also receive the notification by email)

Password request notice

The owner accesses his list of notifications and decides if he wants to give password access permissions to the requester or not.

Give access between password users
Password manager security options

Each user will have their own password to access (auto modifiable), and it will be the only one they will have to remember

User with own password

Comprehensive record (logs) of all changes made to the platform by all users

Log password changes

History of all changes made in any field or password (modification or elimination), being able to revert them

Revert password changes

Ability to make password-protected backups to restore later

Backup passwords

Possibility of mass importing of users and passwords from other platforms through CSV or XML files

Import passwords CSV or XML file

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