B2B platform:
turn your ERP into an online store

Internet sales software between companies that can be connected to the main business management systems (ERP) such as Dynamics NAV - Navision, SAP, SAGE ...

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Increase sales with Comertis-B2B

Who is it for

Manufacturers and / or distributors who wish to use the Internet to facilitate and increase their sales to professionals and improve order management with their customers. All this with a very low implementation cost.

Integrable with the main ERP

    • Integrable through standardized connections with the main ERPs on the market

    • Catalog, stock and orders in real time

    • Easy connection, without the need for modifications in your ERP

    • Prepared for the different versions

    • Updatable with the new updates of your ERP

Comertis-B2B to Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Navision
Comertis-B2B to SAP
Comertis-B2B to Sage
Comertis-B2B to Quiter
Comertis-B2B to Farmatic
Comertis-B2B to Skidata
Comertis-B2B to Axess
Comertis-B2B hecho a medida

Usable and intuitive platform

Specially designed for online sales between companies

Comertis-B2B Presentation

Advantages of b2b-comertis

  • We take care of everything
  • Remote implementation (online)
  • SAAS service
  • Capturing orders instantly and from any device (computer, tablet, mobile)
  • Always online: orders at any time and any day (24/7/365)
  • Placing orders is more comfortable and faster for the customer
  • The number of orders increases
  • The average order amount also increases
  • Facilitates the recurring purchase of products that need periodic replenishments
  • Offers, discounts and cross-selling
  • Complete statistics
  • Simplify all processes (automation)
  • Minimize errors (manual management disappears)
  • No risk of stock breakouts
  • Repeated inquiries decrease (about the catalog, prices, product characteristics, etc ...)
  • Adapts to the needs of the company
  • Modular, incorporation of new functionalities
  • Escalable, puede crecer tanto como lo necesites
  • Integrable con otras plataformas de venta o gestión (Amazon, SGA, TPV...)

Some features of b2b-comertis

  • Full control over customer access
  • Clients Groups
  • Customer panel with order inquiry
  • Publication of the entire product catalog or only a part
  • Structuring of the catalog into families and subfamilies
  • Complete product data (description, image, reference, characteristics ...)
  • Product attributes (size, color ...)
  • Multi brand
  • Discounts
  • Offers
  • Cross selling
  • Delivery notes and estimates
  • Repurchase of old orders
  • Transportation prices
  • Order confirmation by email

We are Navision developers and the integration with the b2b-comertis platform has been a success

Our experience with the online store is entirely positive. We feel in good hands

Comertis develops our ski pass sales platform for our APP. All good


Quim Ceballos




Carmen y Claudia




Marc Bigas



Ecomerce B2B of Munich


Munich's b2b ecommerce

Ecommerce for sale to professionals integrated with our Comertis-B2B platform. A project to streamline sales to professionals, as well as to reduce order management tasks.

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Why Comertis

Comertis 20 years

Over 20 years in the sector

Comertis ecommerce

More than 300 ecommerce projects carried out

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Personalized support

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Security and confidentiality


For us it is a pleasant surprise to discover how our clients can increase their business volume with our collaboration, in addition to reducing management costs.

E-commerce for sale to the final customer is already a mature sector, but e-commerce between companies still has a long way to go.

Ramon Roca

CEO of Comertis

Comertis - Ramon Roca

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