Robot for data capture

Robot Spider tailored for you to capture data published on the Internet from your own websites or third-party websites

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Comertis Robot Spider

Who is the Robot Spider aimed at

Comertis web tracking

Companies that want to obtain data published on the Internet in a massive way, such as data from their competitors' websites (price, stock, keywords, etc.) and save them in Excel or database format.

Companies that want to transfer a large volume of information published on their own website (such as product catalogs, blog articles, etc ...) without having to access the database.

Main advantages of the data capture Spider

Comertis Robot Spider practical

You will know at all times the status and connectivity of your online business

Comertis Robot Spider Economic

Low implementation cost and maintenance,
if any, is minimal

Comertis Robot Spider unlimited

Unlimited volume of information to collect, the robot never rests

Comertis Robot Spider periodically
One-off or recurring

Collection of data from the Internet on a one-off or regular basis

Comertis Robot Spider Deliverable

Possibility of receiving the data in an excel document or entered in an online database

Comertis Robot Spider customizable

Custom configuration of the information you need to collect and its periodicity

Comertis Robot Spider Graphics

Possibility of generating graphs with the information collected periodically

Comertis Robot Spider legal

It respects the Data Protection Law as no personal data is collected. Everything collected is public

Comertis robot use cases

Our Internet data collection robot has countless possible uses

Price Tracking Robot
Case 1. Price tracking robot

Companies that want to track the prices of the products of one or more competing companies.

Comertis Robot Spider collects the price from the competitor's website and saves it in a database from which a graph can be configured to see its evolution.

Price Tracking Robot
Stock Tracking Robot
Case 2. Stock tracking robot

Companies that want to know the volume of sales of products of other companies, whether they are competitors or future clients to whom offer their own products.

Comertis Robot Spider collects the stock of these products from its own website and stores them in an excel file that the user receives by email.

Stock Tracking Robot
data migration robot
Case 3. Data migration robot

Companies that need to migrate a large amount of data published on their website or in a part of it (product catalogs, blog posts, user comments, etc ...) which would involve endless hours of work if done manually.

Comertis Robot Spider visits all the websitesand automatically collects the parts of the content that need to be moved.

data migration robot
Robot for the study of keywords of the competition
Case 4. Robot for the study of competitive keywords

Companies that want to study the SEO content of the competitor's websites that are better positioned, to find out the keywords they use.

Comertis Robot Spider extracts the texts and collects the most used keywords.

Robot for the study of keywords of the competition
Robot for marketplaces and product comparators
Case 5. Robot for marketplaces and product comparators

Marketplaces and product comparators that need help facilitating the publication of products for their associates.

Comertis Robot Spider duplicates in the product comparison the catalog that the associates already have published on their own website.

Robot for marketplaces and product comparators
Robot spider legal

The Comertis Spider robot perfectly complies with current data protection regulations (RGPD), since in no case does it collect personal or private data. It only collects public information, just like the robots of the main search engines do.

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