Web and ecommerce alert system

Supervision monitor of critical services of a website or online store with immediate alerts by email, SMS and Telegram, in case of failure or system crash

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Comertis Web Monitor

Who is our web tracking aimed at

Companies with websites or online stores that need a professional tracking system for the different critical services that cannot fail, with real-time alerts via email, SMS, Telegram, etc ...

Companies that have a contracted service and want to verify that the provider complies with the agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Comertis web tracking

Main advantages of the web monitor

Web monitor Peace of mind

You will know at all times the status and connectivity of your online business

Economic web monitor

Minimum monthly cost (€ 1) for each ecommerce monitoring point, with volume discounts

Custom web monitor

Open Source Software. You decide which parameters of the web you want to monitor and how often

Web monitor Completed

Monitoring the status of the service (down & up) and any other parameter (response time, sending emails, detection of content change, etc ...)

Real Time Web Monitor
Real time

Receive alerts instantly of any change in the tracking points of the web or ecommerce

limited web monitor

Unlimited volume of follow-ups and alerts, either for a single ecommerce or for several ones

Web monitor Web environment
Web environment

Monitoring system administration panel from a web environment to see the status of the system in real time

Web monitor Comprehensive Statistics
Comprehensive statistics

Detailed data history, with graphs for each web or ecommerce monitoring service (response time, incidents, drops, etc.)

Web monitor features

Comertis Web Monitor gives you the peace of mind you need

Monitor for supervising critical services of a website or online store

  • Multiple tracking options:

  • Ping to detect that the server is working

  • Different parameters to verify that the web or the online store are working

  • Verification of content update (prices, stock, etc...)

  • Process verification (login, checkout)

  • Verification of sending emails from the web or the virtual store

  • Status of connections with third parties (Amazon, Facebook, etc.)

  • Status of connections with webservices (ERP, Carriers,payment methods, etc.)

  • Verification of the presence of fitxers in FTP folders

  • Etc ... (any other type of service)

Different types of online store tracking

  • Configurable periodicity of the different ecommerce monitoring points:

  • Every second

  • Every minute

  • Hourly

  • Every day

  • Personalized

Sending alerts to different users:

Ecommerce alerts to different users

Sending alerts through different channels:

Ecommerce alerts through different channels

    Alerts with exhaustive reports by email of possible incidents that the web or virtual store has had:

Virtual store incident reports
Web monitor administration panel

Powerful administration panel of the service tracker to check its status in real time, adapted to mobile devices

Mobile-friendly web monitor

Quick view of which services are operational and which are down, with exhaustive information on the incident

Quick view incidence and commerce

Comprehensive information for each monitoring point in multiple languages ​​(Catalan included)

Detail web monitor incident

Hourly / daily / weekly statistics for each tracking point

web statistics monitor

Complete record of all incidents and all notifications from the alert service

Record ecommerce incidents

Possibility of launching service inquiries manually (without waiting for the scheduled time)

Monitor web queries

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